Wednesday, June 13, 2007


by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme

It will not come as a surprise to learn that the true number of civilian dead in Iraq has now exceeded 800,000, while wounded, to a greater or lesser degree, amount to at least one million. For how much longer can the occupying powers hide these figures from their people?
It goes without saying that every effort is made by these powers to hide and diminish, for their own purposes, these appalling statistics of destruction. It is no wonder, therefore, that millions of Iraqis have fled their country. Is it surprising that soon the invasion of Iraq will be recognized as the greatest disaster of recent times: unlawful, unnecessary, and arrogant in the extreme?
While the world waits, the Americans and British seek to extricate themselves from the morass which they have created, and to do so with whatever dignity and plausibility they can muster. Certainly no triumphal banners are in order. The legacy is one of death, mayhem and abuse of power.

Fractured walls

Meanwhile the forces of reconstruction have set to work to mend the fractured walls, physical in Iraq and psychological elsewhere. The world awaits anxiously the unknown results stemming from this unhappy episode but the hopes of many are curiously high, some would say, without true reason. Did men but know it, the whole world is bracing itself for momentous changes, which will set to rights, not only the trauma of the Middle East, but the dangers and tragedies of Earth itself.

The door

Maitreya knocks loudly at the door. The door, soon, will open and the Lord of Love will step forward into the fray. When men see Him they will be astonished by the simplicity of His words but also by the clarity of His utterance. His wisdom will baffle and delight in equal measure, drawing to Him those who are ready to follow Him and rebuild the world. His name is Valour; likewise Strength of Purpose. The Great Lord comes equipped as none before have been, ready to do battle with all that ails and belittles man.
There are many who smile at the notion of such a Presence among us, but soon all will come to know the truth of these words, and take their stand for or against Him. Thus will the Great Lord place before mankind the question of its survival. He will show that essentially men are one, no matter the colour or the creed, that the bounty of Earth belongs to all and that sharing of that bounty is the key to man’s future.
Only sharing, and the justice which it will bring, offers hope to man. Only justice wrought of sharing will end the plagues of war and terror. Only sharing and justice can bring men to that Brotherhood which is their true inheritance. When men see this they will rise to the challenge and tackle one by one the many problems which daunt us now.
Maitreya’s Light will support and balance men in their eagerness for the changes which must ensue, and, in right order, the world will be renewed. Thus will it be.


The above article is published in the June 2007 issue of Share International magazine.